1. Dana:

    My husband and I are new to the area, and had just moved into a rental property August 1st. On the morning of August 5th, there had been a severe storm come through, and water pooled down through the 6 of the windowsills, and onto the flooring. We were horrified! That’s when we decided that we needed to have a home inspection.
    I began my search for a certified inspector in the area, and found Rory Wolff from Sherlock Homes. I dialed the number, and spoke to Erin (Rorys wife) and shared our experience with her. Even with short notice, they were able to schedule a next day home inspection.
    Upon meeting, Rory was so full of energy and very pleasant- he set our minds at ease immediately. He assured us that he would do a thorough inspection, and explained to us issues, and problems that he’d discovered during the initial walk through prior to starting the actual inspection. He answered any questions we had, and kept us informed during the entire process.
    I have never met anyone so passionate about their work as this gentleman. Rory was knowledgeable, energetic, and fun to work with! Bottom line- Rory cares! He will ensure that the home you live in will be safe for you, and your family to reside in.
    After completing the inspection, Rory advised us that he would have the report to us within 24 hours! (We had a 50 page detailed color report within 6 hours!)
    We packed up, and moved out of the property within 36 hours after receiving the inspection report.
    We are grateful to the Wolff family, and would only recommend Sherlock Homes for your next home inspection. Amazing service!

  2. Dr. James D. Dewar:

    Mr. Wolff (Sherlock Homes Inspections) has been unequivocally the best home inspector I have had the privilege to work with. This recommendation arises from multiple encounters with prior home inspectors, having lived in multiple large cities across 5 states. I have yet to encounter another individual in Mr. Wolff’s line of work, who is as dedicated, professional, patient while providing detailed explanations, and who is as masterfully meticulous. The final report includes colored photos, labeled diagrams, and thorough explanations further deciphering the language and rationale of building/construction. It is not often I take the time to write these kinds of recommendations. You will not find a better advocate for home buyers.

  3. Dustin and Nichole Helquist:

    We cannot say enough good things about Rory and the work he does! Rory went above and beyond for the inspection of our home. He is incredibly thorough and definitely knows what he is doing. Aside from the outstanding work he does, he is so pleasant and friendly. We would definitely use Sherlock Homes again, and would absolutely refer anyone to Rory!

  4. Tom Jensen:

    Rory did a great job on my inspection. He was very prompt at returning my phone calls day or night and answered all my questions very thoroughly and honestly (whether I liked the results or not). I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection

  5. Nancy and Ken Learmont:

    We were very impressed with the thorough inspection provided by Rory. We were present during the inspection (hghly recommended) so we could engage him in discussions around the ramifications of the discoveries he made while investigating the property we considered purchasing. Due to the things he found we chose not to purchase the property, saving us from learning the hard way that the property we were considering purchasing would involve a considerable additional investment of money to resolve issues uncovered by Rory. We are back to looking for a property, and will be hiring Rory to inspect whatever we consider purchasing in the future.

  6. Jake Schultz:

    I had a really great experience with Rory. The inspection was extremely detailed and we had the digital copy within 24 hours. They saved us a lot of money by catching a lot of huge issues another inspector had “missed”. I won’t name any names. Rory was super polite and his experience as a contractor really shows. My dad who has had several inspections done in his life said that Rory was the best one he has ever seen. I’ll say it again, super great service.If you want to really know what’s going on in a home you want to buy, then call them! Oh, and hands down the best pricing and value I found around this area.

  7. Jeremy & Kayla Anderson:

    Rory did an amazing inspection for our new home. He is very knowledge and answered our questions above our expectations. We received our written report the night of the inspection so we could move forward with repairs quickly. I would recommend Rory to anyone who is looking at buying a new home!

  8. Adam and Sarah:

    Rory performed an inspection for us and we felt he did a great job. He explained things to us and took the time to answer our questions. We felt the inspection process was very professional and it is obvious Rory has a lot of training and knowledge. The report was issued promptly as well. Great job.

  9. Tom Dahl & Bobbi Olson-Dahl:

    Rory did an inspection on our home before we closed on it and his expertise was greatly appreciated. Any question we had were answered and even some we had not even thought to ask were brought to our attention. The report also was extremely thorough and arrived the same day. That level of promptness on the report was greatly appreciated as we were anxious to move forward on the closing of the house. The pictures and descriptions of the issues were clearly identified and able to be relayed to the seller in a clear and concise manner. Finally, Rory’s openness and kindness were also greatly appreciated. If we are ever in a position that requires a home inspection in the future, we will not hesitate to call Rory again and will not hesitate to refer him to anyone that asks.

  10. Mark and Deb:

    RORY showed up on time. He expected to take 3 hours to complete the inspection and actually spent 4.5 hours. We were concerned about the foundation and I was relieved when Rory said he had 10 years of masonry construction, and it showed. He assured us the foundation was not as bad as it looked and that we could work with it. I had a fully illustrated report in about 14 hours and have since used it as a reference. We are now hard at work on our retirement home with no surprises.

  11. Josh:

    Rory did a wonderful job with the inspection of our home. We were renting at the time, and looking to buy, so we had him come over and go through the inspection process. I was not able to be there for the inspection, so Rory had the task of answering all of my wife’s questions and making her feel comfortable about something that is way out of her comfort zone. When Rory left, my wife was so impressed with his professionalism, courtesy, and patience. I would highly recommend Rory Wolff if you are in need of a quality, honest home inspector.

  12. Chris:

    Rory did an outstanding job on an inspection that was ordered for a seasonal property. The structure was unique in that it used to be a commercial property and was a bit older. He was very thorough and professional throughout the process and we were amazed at how quickly the report was generated. The report gave us leverage in negotiating a better price on the home and also gave us a “to do” list, starting with any safety issues.

    I would highly recommend the services of Sherlock Homes to any friend or family.

  13. Douglas & Mary Beth:

    Rory Wolff was recommended to us for the inspection of the home we were considering purchasing and we were extremely impressed with his thoroughness and professionalism. He noticed and checked everything in the house and patiently answered all of our questions. He provided us with a wonderful notebook clearly describing and showing all areas of concern, making it clear which improvements to prioritize for our safety and to preserve the integrity of the home. We called him twice with further questions and he was extremely helpful as we made some decisions about our purchase agreement with our sellers. We would be more than happy to be listed as a reference for Rory as we cannot imagine that anyone could do a better job than he did on our home inspection. We did purchase the house and the contractors and sub-contractors are finding Rory’s report extremely helpful as they make the needed repairs and improvements on our new home.

  14. Pete & Kim:

    Sherlock Homes Inspections was phenomenal! Erin was very courteous and helpful in setting up the inspection and Rory was amazing. He was took the time to check every detail and explained the possible problem spots in a way that anyone can understand. He made sure that he got the job done right and was very prompt in getting the report to us. If you need a home inspector, look no further!

  15. Romell and Sarah Bennett:

    We bought our first home this past summer and selected Sherlock Homes because they seemed to be the most reasonably priced, but after calling and speaking with Erin, Rory’s wife, they also seemed to be the friendliest. We hired Rory and were extremely pleased with his professionalism, his extensive knowledge, his work ethic, his integrity, and we appreciated how thorough he was in every step of the inspection process and how thoroughly he educated us on the things we didn’t know much about. Would definitely recommend Rory and Sherlock Homes to anyone who wants a thorough inspection.

  16. Jerry:

    Rory did an outstanding job for me…he spends the time needed to do the best inspection possible. I highly recommend him.

  17. Jim:

    We were buying a log cabin that was built by the owner, so it was important to have it inspected by someone familiar with log cabin construction. Rory was recommended to us by our real estate agent and we were very pleased by the thoroughness of his inspection. While the number of issues found was a bit overwhelming, Rory walked us through each one so we could decide on how to proceed with the purchase and determine what was most important to fix when we acquired the property. We would highly recommend Rory to anyone who really wants to know the condition of a property they are buying or selling.

  18. Howard:

    Rory inspected an 80 year old house for me. While I understood there would be work to do on this house, some of the hidden stuff wouldn’t have been done had it not been for the great job Rory did in finding them and pointing them out to me. I highly recommend this company.

  19. Ann:

    Rory completed two building inspections for me prior to listing my property. His reports were very detailed, well organized and easy to understand. I was able to use it to prepare my properties. I was very impressed by him and his wife. They were professional, accommodating and responsive. I received my reports within 24 hours which was beyond my expectations. I would recommend Sherlock Homes Inspections to anyone…and I have. Thanks for your good service.

  20. Carter Erickson:

    Rory did an excellent job on my home inspection in May 2015! He was recommended by my agent Julie Peterson, of Bill Hansen Realty. Rory far surpassed other inspection services from start to finish. It was a bonus that he had many years of building experience, including log homes, which was the kind of home I bought. First, his website was by-far the most user-friendly and informative. Next, he spent a significant amount of time conducting the inspection and helped explain issues articulately and concisely, while in ‘plain speak.’ His report was great, user-friendly and understandable. His great work helped me negotiate to save me much more than his fee in the home purchase process. When someone ‘pays for themselves’, they show their great benefit and value! I strongly recommend Rory!!

  21. Randi & Brent:

    This was our first time buying a home so we had no idea what to expect from an Inspector. Rory was recommended to us and I am really glad that we chose to have our inspection done through him. He was very thorough and took his time to look at every last detail. He looked at things such as the electrical, plumbing, vents, and even the small details such as the toe-kicks below the cabinets in the kitchen. My boyfriend’s brother works for an insurnace company so he sent me with a list of questions to ask, but before I could even get to ask them, Rory had gone over every single one. Overall, we were very impressed with his service, the quality of his work, and his cost of the inspection. We will definitely have him inspect another home for us in the future if the need arises.

  22. Mike P.:

    Rory did an inspection of an 80 year-old cabin for us. We knew the cabin needed a lot of work, but Rory’s inspection and report helped us to see things much more clearly. I can’t imagine how an inspection could be more thorough, and I could tell Rory would have stayed around as long as possible to answer our questions. Great guy and great work!

  23. Keith and Joanne:

    Excellent service, fast, thorough and complete. Highly Recommended

  24. Rodger & Kristi Hall:

    We recently bought a home on Lake Bemidji. Sherlock Homes Inspections was highly recommended to us for doing superb home inspections. We called Rory and we were able to get our inspection scheduled promptly. Rory spent several hours at our new home and when we met with him afterwards he thoroughly went through everything with us. He is very particular and precise. He had a full report with pictures emailed to us that same evening and explained any questions that we had. He was very friendly and approachable and so very appreciative of the business. I would highly recommended Sherlock Homes and hope we have the opportunity to recommend him to anyone who needs their homes inspected. Excellent service!!

  25. Michelle and Jodi:

    If you’re needing your home inspected, I would highly recommend Sherlock Homes Inspections. The inspection was super easy to schedule and with our busy lives, they were more than willing to be flexible with scheduling. Rory was super friendly and down to earth. He took the time to explain the issues with our home, the potential problems if the issues were left unattended to, and even described a variety of solutions to address the issues. Within a day, we had a full report, with accompanying pictures sent to us via email and were able to confidently move forward with the purchase of our home. We would absolutely use him again in the future!

  26. Pete Thorkelson:

    Sherlock Homes Inspections did a great job for me. They were very fast and responsive.

  27. Kevin:

    I had an excellent experience working with Rory for a home inspection. He is very knowledgeable and was thorough, straightforward, and helpful. I was very happy with his explanations and suggestions, and it was clear that Rory is committed to professional results. Both Rory and Erin are very pleasant to work with and they certainly make client satisfaction a top priority!

  28. Tyler & Tara:

    Rory did an amazing job on our inspection. We are purchasing our first home and did not know what to expect or what all would be involved. We never would have thought to have an inspection done, but it was required from our loan company. After having Rory out, we found many things that we would have never know about if it wasn’t for his inspection. Everything was so detailed and professional and included pictures so we could see what he was referring to. I would highly recommend Rory to anyone.

  29. Terry:

    Rory did a great job on our home inspection. Having built homes and done stonework himself, he is very knowledgeable in all areas of construction. He was also very patient in explaining his findings with me and their possible impact. The report is very detailed and the pictures help show exactly what is being pointed out. Highly recommend.

  30. John:

    Very responsive, friendly, professional and reasonably priced. Would definitely use again.

  31. Joe V.:

    Rory did an excellent job for us during our home inspection. My wife and I were new to the area and really wanted a thorough and fair report. He pointed out several key issues with the home that needed to be resolved either prior to us moving in or shortly after. His thorough and professional report gave us the information needed to go back to the seller to address some of the items prior to our purchase. Additionally, it gives us the knowledge of items that should be addressed after we move in that can be easily overlooked during the move in process. Would certainly recommend Rory and will use him again in the future.

  32. Clair Zirnhelt:

    Found the report to be detailed and very propfessional. Timely and through, which meant a great deal to us. Pointed out special areas of concern and then explained them. Would recommend Rory very highly.

  33. Jerry Perpich:

    The buyers of our home hired Rory to inspect our house. I was so impressed with his work, I hired Rory to inspect the home we purchased. He did a fantastic job on both places! The two basic requirements for inspection is knowledge and detail. Rory certainly has both. I would hire him again in a heartbeat. His inspection reports are timely, easy to read and accurate. Both Rory and Erin are very professional and easy to work with. It was enjoyable working with him!

  34. Betty Preus:

    I highly recommend Rory Wolff of Sherlock Homes Inspections. He was prompt, thorough, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about his work. He took time to explain things to me and his report was ready in 24 hours even though it was on the weekend. The report was clear and included recommendations as to what needed to be done immediately, soon, or at my discretion. He saved me money because he found problems that would have caused a lot of damage if they had not been discovered and fixed. Besides that he was courteous and pleasant.

  35. Sandy LaFromboise:

    I was recommended to Sherlock Homes Inspections by my realtor and Rory was able to fit me into his schedule on very short notice, He was polite and easily approachable, He was very thorough he explained things to me in a language I could understand and pointed out things that I did not see. He answered all of my questions, he was punctual in sending out an in depth report the next day to myself and my realtor, then a very nicely put together binder followed in the mail. I would highly recommend Rory / Sherlock Homes Inspections. He made this step in home purchasing much easier. With his very detailed report if things come up I have a reference to fall back on by looking through the binder.

  36. Nicholas Jackson:

    Rory is a very professional and thorough inspector. He takes his time and certainly doesn’t miss a thing. I highly recommend his services.

  37. Aaron & Trisha:

    We had Rory recently inspect a cabin we were purchasing. He was recommended by our Realtor since we were not familiar with the area. We were very pleased with the detailed report that we received and the promptness of the communications. Rory was able to answer our questions and made the purchasing process much easier. We would definitely recommend Sherlock Homes Inspections.

  38. James:

    Sherlock Homes Inspections is a perfect name for Rory (Inspector) and Erin (Administrative Assistant). I was purchasing a house, site unseen as I was moving from out-of-town. My realtor recommended Rory and indicated he was thorough, detailed, and professional. The recommendation was accurate. It was very easy to schedule the appointment and the staff was polite, professional, and detailed. During the inspection, my first time seeing the house, Rory was extremely detailed and had a great “house side” manner. He explained his findings in detail and took the time to answer all of my questions. After the inspection, of a 3,700 square foot home, I received an electronic copy of the inspection within 12 hours and a hard copy the following day. The findings were detailed with pictures, suggestions, and recommendations of remedies.

    I have purchased homes in many states, in many regions of the United States. Without hesitation, I can tell you that I found Sherlock Homes Inspections as the highest quality inspector I have utilized. My recommendation of the company comes without reservation.

  39. Brian & Leigh:

    I wanted to post an update to our earlier testimonial left in March. It has now been about six weeks since our inspection was done and I feel even more confident that we made the right choice for our home inspector. There were several things we wanted fixed in the place we were buying, and because of the phenomenal job Rory did documenting inspection issues with photos and descriptions, there was work we were able to get accurate quotes for without having to meet someone at the cabin! That saved us an incredible amount of time and has allowed us to line things up in advance. In addition to that, Rory has been very accessible for questions we’ve had since the inspection was done. Rest assured that if you work with Sherlock Homes Inspections, you will get top notch customer service, even well after your inspection has been completed. Definitely above and beyond our expectations!!!

  40. Brian & Leigh:

    We had Rory recently inspect a cabin we are buying. Since we are from out of town, choosing a home inspector made us a little uneasy as we were choosing with help from an Internet search. We were beyond satisfied with the service that was provided. Rory and Erin were so nice to work with! The inspection was extremely thorough and Rory took the time to go through everything with us. We also had several follow up questions that were answered promptly, and our inspection book was delivered on time, as promised. We are very picky and would recommend Sherlock Homes Inspections to anyone looking for a home inspection.

  41. Lance Schilling:

    Rory did an amazing job on the home inspection of my first home purchase. I was impressed how detail-oriented and thorough he was. Erin was also very nice to work with and quickly and promptly provided any information I needed. The report they sent to me was wonderful and clearly illustrated any problems and potential problems. I will recommend Sherlock Holmes Inspection to anyone.

  42. Larry:

    Very impressed with the home inspection that was done. Everyone who sees the inspection report makes a comment about how thorough the report is. We received the report the evening of the inspection. We especially appreciated the information given to us about the importance of the various issues that were found in the home we were looking at, including prioritizing the repairs that needed to be made. Will definitely use Rory again if needed and will recommend him to anyone needing a property inspected.

  43. Douglas Coutlee:

    Great Job! Thorough and a delight to work with. The first time I called for a quote, they not only had the best price so far, but they were the first inspector who sounded like they actually wanted my business. They were polite and easy to work with, I would highly recommend Sherlock Homes Inspections, and will work with them again in the future!! Thank you!

  44. Bob Dreger:

    Our inspection experience with Rory was nothing short of excellent! I arrived at the home we had Rory inspect just as he was completing the inspection and Rory took the time to walk through his entire inspection with me. This was very helpful as it gave me the opportunity to ask questions and understand everything he had found. A copy of his inspection report was emailed to me the very next day and I received a binder complete with pictures a couple of days later. Rory has a wealth of knowledge in his field and is also very personable. You could not make a better choice when hiring someone to do an inspection for you. I would highly recommend Rory to anyone in need of an inspection.

  45. gary and sue schiess:

    My wife, Sue and I recently bought an old family resort near Leech Lake. Our realtor recommended Rory at Sherlock Homes for the inspection. He had never worked with Rory before but we needed the job done on short notice and Rory could fit us into his schedule. The assignment included a year-round-home, three 3 season cabins and an old barn. Sue and I met Rory on a Friday afternoon in a snow shower. He had been at the site all day. His report were well document6ed with the best photos I have ever received in an inspection write-up. He was extremely thorough and explained his concerns when it was apparent I didn’t fully grasp the issue(s) that he was speaking about. Sue and I were pleased.
    His follow up was unsurpassed. He emailed his reports to us by the next afternoon complete with photo attachments. He copied our realtor with all of his work. Our realtor was so impressed he told my wife and I Rory will be at the top of his inspector list. On top of a top notch job, Rory is a top notch guy; friendly, hardworking and reasonable when it comes to fees. I will use him for any additional property I purchase in the Hubbard county/Cass county area.

  46. jerry c:

    I was impressed with the professionalism and people skills of Mr. Wolff. Rory did an excellent job with my home inspection and was thorough and detailed in reporting. A very knowledgeable and articulate young man! He answered my questions in the walk through and displayed credibility which gave me confidence in his work and genuine committment to his duties.
    I am comfortable with his report, having received the email and hard copy version and the information and recommendations are thorough and full of valuable information. Thanks!

  47. Carol:

    I called at the 11th hour and was thrilled to get Rory to inspect a home I was considering buying. His professionalism and thoroughness were impressive. The detailed report with words and pictures was easy to understand and very informative. I will recommend Rory and Sherlock Homes Inspections to anyone willing to listen!

  48. Ken and Brenda Rutten:

    Rory was very helpful and did an excellent inspection on the HUD property we are purchasing. We experienced some problems with the lack of water or electric being accessible for the inspection. Despite the obstacles, he did a great job and even came back the next day to complete the inspection with the electric on. Thank you for your patience and good work.

  49. Linda Pfaff:

    I called Rory on a Friday morning and was pleasantly surprised he was able to come over that same afternoon to do a cabin inspection. I found him to be extremely professional, thorough, and very pleasant. He answered all my questions and told me to call him anytime for questions I may have after the inspection was completed. I was very impressed with how detailed the inspection report was, as well as, how quickly he had it both emailed AND mailed to us. Thank you so much for a wonderful job. We feel confident in the purchase of our dream place on Crosslake!

  50. Jaime:

    Rory did an excellent job on a house inspection for us. This would have been our first home, and we learned a lot about house repair and maintenance just watching him perform his inspection! He did a very detailed job, and submitted a very professional report.
    We used his report to create a list and cost of repairs needed within the first couple years of ownership -a must-do when planning a major home purchase!

  51. Shawn:

    We were pleasantly surprised when the inspection arrived so quickly. It was very thorough and useful. The photos were especially useful to help explain things. 5 stars!

  52. John and Marcia:

    Rory did an excellent job. He did not rush and did a very thorough inspection. He was very knowledgeable and provided photos of areas that needed to be addressed. There were no questions that he couldn’t answer. We give him two thumbs up!!

  53. Cheryl Winter:

    Attention to detail, courteous, and the most complete building inspection report I’ve ever seen, complete with photos of problem areas.

  54. Alvin & Jacquie:

    Sherlock Homes Inspections is the best home inspector that we have had in the 3 states we have lived. Rory doesn’t miss a thing in his inspections. Rory’s reports are excellent in every way, pictures, explanations and detail. Thank you Rory for an awesome job.

  55. Paul and Sue:

    We worked with Rory on our new home. He did his work on time and gave us a step by step tour of the home and its qualities. His explanations were complete and fully understandable to non-construction people. His report was clear and easy to comprehend, complete with pictures to provide clarity. After our tour we had a wonderful talk about the place we are buying and felt, and feel, very confident in our choice. Rory provided us with great service.

  56. Paul and Diane:

    We recently made an offer on a lake home which Rory inspected for us. He did an excellent job documenting each item of repair and informing us which of those items needed immediate attention and which ones could wait to be addressed at a later date. He was very timely and courteous and took the time to explain everything. His pictures and report were so professional. He also did the water testing on the home which came back promptly. We would highly recommend Rory to anyone.

  57. Brian and Jen:

    We have moved a number of times and worked with multiple home inspection companies accross the country. Rory and Erin have been the best by far. They are both professional and extremely customer focused. Rory actually made two trips to the home because there were issues accessing a couple parts of the property. Rory completed detailed report that was available shortly after the inspection. When there was a question about scheduling or billing Erin was very responsive. You seldom get customer service like this. Thank you.

  58. Jen:

    I will always recommend everyone buying a home to hire Rory as your home inspector!! He really does stand behind his slogan. He is honestly the BEST! Very thorough, detailed, takes his time, and presents an awesome report. He even explained everything he found/noticed around the property in person to me as we walked through the house. He is fantastic at answering questions. I have had him inspect 2 homes so far during my home buying experience. I have yet to find the house of my dreams…but when I do, Rory will inspect that one for me as well. Keep up the Great work!! Thank you again.

  59. Luke & Emily Paine:

    We were in the process of buying a house, and wanted it to be inspected just to make sure there weren’t any “surprises!” Rory was timely, very pleasant, and did an excellent job going through the house, pointing out and explaining the various repairs that were needed. He also prioritized the repairs based on severity and safety. The portfolio was also very useful, and was referenced often while doing our remodeling! I have, and will, highly recommend Rory and the services of Sherlock Homes Inspections!

  60. Dan Allosso:

    We are moving to the area from New England, and Rory’s inspection of the house we chose gave us a sense of confidence and peace of mind. Especially helpful were his notes about the relative seriousness of each of the issues he discovered. This has helped us prioritize the items that need immediate correction and determine which repairs we could do ourselves, and which we should plan to have done right away by professionals. The report came very quickly in pdf format, with photos, diagrams, and links to helpful web pages. Then a couple of days later we received a binder in the mail, which will be a good reference for us as we check off these repairs one by one.

  61. Erik & Heather Olson:

    In March 2012, we used Sherlock Home Inspection on a foreclosed property we were looking to buy. Rory went through the whole house, and then met with us and explained all of his findings. He took the time to explain everything we had questions on. He also saw a lot of little things we would have never noticed. We received a email and a hard copy of the inspection. He was very thorough and we would definitely use him again.

  62. Ann Piasecki:

    We used Sherlock Home Inspection in April 2012 to inspect a Manufactured home that we were purchasing for a cabin. Rory was very thorough and extremely professional. He explained everything to us that he was looking for and was very helpful at showing everything in the home. He provided us with a detailed report that included pictures for everyone to review. We were very pleased with the results and we would highly recommend Rory to anyone. We truly believe his slogan – INTEGRITY . HONESTY . QUALITY. Thank you Rory!

  63. LaDonna and Dale:

    We used Sherlock Homes Inspection to do an inspection on the lake cabin that we just purchased. Rory did a very professional inspection and provided us with a very thorough report. The photos and graphics are a very valuable follow-up tool. The inspection resulted in us feeling very confident about the condition of the property we purchased. We also used Sherlock Homes for our water testing with the same prefessional result. I would highly recommend Rory without reservation.

  64. Keith and Beth:

    Rory was recommended to us by our realtor and after working with him I can see why. He was very knowledgeable and professional during the walk-through of the house. The full report was detailed and easy to follow and helped us feel confident about purchasing our first home. I would recommend his services to anyone.

  65. Jerry:

    Thanks Rory,
    You did a great job on the inspection and the report was impressive. It was nice meeting you and I hope our paths cross again.

  66. Michael and Debbie:

    We have used Sherlock Homes Inspections for both a home inspection and for a radon test. Because of the wonderful home inspection we ended up not buying the home because of the many unseen issues, which saved us a lot of money and head ache. We also had some health issues and decided to get a radon test, which came back fine, but put our minds at ease. We would highly recommend Sherlock Homes Inspections. He does a very good job!

  67. Tarahlynn:

    We had a good experience working with Rory Wolff when he looked over my mother’s home. He was professional and very thorough. The resulting binder of pictures with full descriptions was not only informative but gave us a lot of peace of mind.

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